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Syllabus for Basic Mathematics/PreAlgebra

Course Objectives:

All developmental mathematics classes at Dixie State College will

1. Require students to perform mathematical processes including whole numbers,
fractions, percentages, decimals, proportions/ratios, integers, and algebraic equations.

2. Provide students with application problems that use a variety of methods
including arithmetical, algebraic, and tables.

3. Challenge students to make inferences from mathematical models that include
formulas, graphs, and tables.

4. Provide students with real-life applications that use a variety of mathematical processes.

Upon successful completion of MATH 0920, students will demonstrate through testing the ability to:

1. Perform arithmetical operations on whole number, fractions, decimals, and signed numbers without a calculator.

2. Complete 100 multiplication facts in 7 minutes or less with at least 90% accuracy.

3. Perform mathematical processes with percentages and use them in real-life applications.

4. Use variables to represent unknown numbers.

5. Identify geometric figures.

6. Identify geometric formulas and apply them to angles, perimeters, areas, and volumes.

7. Use the mathematical processes of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, signed numbers, proportions/ratios, and algebraic equations with problems solving skills in real-life modeling exercises.

8. Graph linear equations in two variables by plotting points.

9. Go on to MATH 0990 and succeed.