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I use to scratch my head solving tricky arithmetic problems. I can recall the horrible time I had looking at the equations and feeling as if I will never be able to solve them but once I started with Algebrator things are totally different
Kevin Porter, TX

I was having problems learning quadratic equations, until I purchased your software. Now I know how to do not only do quadratics, but I also learned with the step by step examples how to do other more difficult equations and inequalities. Great product!
Colleen D. Lester, PA

I purchased the Personal Algebra Tutor (PAT). The system is not has functional as I wanted or expected, and there are several problems it will not solve, or certain problems will freeze up the system. The program is OK but there are too many limitations and several technical issues. It took three e-mail from their tech support just to activate the program.
Debra Ratto, CO

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