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I need help with complex numbers and polynomials, but couldn't find a tutor. Someone suggested the Algebrator software. The software is great!, it's like having my own math professor. Thank you!
James Grinols, MN

This algebra software provides my daughter with the ability to learn independently, offering facts and helpful hints before providing problems for her to solve. It's working out very well . . . I think the software lends itself nicely to helping students throughout the year by supplementing any materials they get in a regular classroom.
C.B., Iowa

I bought "The Algebrator" for my daughter to help her with her 10th Grade Advanced Algebra class. Like most kids, she was getting impatient with the evolution of equations (quadratic in particular) and making mistakes in her arithmetic. I very much like the step-by-step display of your product. I think it got my daughter a better grade in the past semester.
Paola Randy, IN

I have never understood algebra, which caused me to struggle, and ended up making me hate math. Now that I have Algebrator, math no longer seems like a foreign language to me. I enjoy attending my Math class now!
Linda Rees, NJ

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