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Ive been a high-school math teacher for over sixteen years and luckily, Ive had computers aiding me in the classroom since the Apple II. But nothing has ever gotten the results or helped my students understand as many advanced equations and concepts as Algebrator has! Thats why nowadays, I make sure every student system in the school (even the notebooks) are running it! If nothing else, it makes our jobs a lot easier!
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My son has used Algebrator through his high-school, and it seems he will be taking it to college as well (thanks for the free update, by the way). I really like the fact that I can depend on your company to constantly improve the software, rather than just making the sale and forgetting about the customers.
Joseph K., MN

You can now forget about being grounded for bad grades in Algebra. With the Algebrator it takes only a few minutes to fully understand and do your homework.
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My former algebra tutor got impatient whenever I couldn't figure out an equation. I eventually got tired of her so I decided to try the software. I'm so impressed with it! I can't stress enough how great it is!
Tom Sandy, NE

I just bought this software and after using it for a few days I found it worth the money I paid for it. I love entering my own problems; the software covers all the aspects of algebra questions one can get in an exam.
Richard Penn, DE.

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