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online summation
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Registered: 18.10.2005

Posted: Wednesday 01st of Aug 16:56    

Hi math wizards! I’m really stuck on online summation and would sure some help to solve with trigonometric functions, triangle similarity and graphing inequalities. My homework is due soon. I have even thought of hiring a algebra tutor, but they are not cheap. So any idea would be very much cherished .
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Registered: 07.05.2006
From: egypt

Posted: Thursday 02nd of Aug 08:52    

I have been in your situation a few years ago when I was learning online summation. What part of linear algebra and evaluating formulas poses more problems ? Because I believe that what you really need is a good software to help you understand the basic concepts and methods of solving the exercises. Did you ever try a software like that? I have tried several of those but I have to say that Algebrator is the best and the easiest to use. It's not like those other programs because it teaches you how to solve, it doesn't just give you the solutions.
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Registered: 21.08.2001

Posted: Saturday 04th of Aug 09:25    

I have used a number of programs to grapple with my problems with monomials, fractional exponents and factoring expressions. Of them, my experience with Algebrator has been the most excellent . All I had to do was to simply key in the problem. Punch the solve key. The response appeared almost immediately with an easy to understand steps indicating how to get the answer. It was just too simple . Since then I have depended on this Algebrator for my problems with Pre Algebra, Intermediate algebra and Remedial Algebra. I would very much suggest you to try out Algebrator.
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Registered: 03.08.2001
From: the 11th dimension

Posted: Sunday 05th of Aug 14:37    

I suggest trying out Algebrator. It not only assists you with your math problems, but also displays all the necessary steps in detail so that you can improve the understanding of the subject.
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Registered: 25.02.2002
From: Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Posted: Monday 06th of Aug 12:34    

Thank you, I will try the suggested program . I have never worked with any program until now, I didn't even know that they exist. But it sure sounds amazing ! Where did you find the program? I want to buy it as soon as possible , so I have time to get ready for the exam.
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Registered: 10.03.2003
From: Slovenia

Posted: Monday 06th of Aug 16:04    

It’s right here: Buy it and try it, if you don’t are not impressed with it (which I think can’t be true) then they even have an unconditional money back guarantee. Give it a go and good luck with your project .
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